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2012-12-13 20:37:46 by Apatheria

I played five characters (DK, Diddy, Zero, Falcon, and Bison) in TerminalMontage's recent release, NoPUNintendo 2, which can be found HERE. Featured as Dr. Wily and CutMan is my good buddy Chris Zambelis.

Then I recently uploaded two audio shorts.

The first is called Christopher the Spider and can be found HERE. I wrote, voiced, and produced the whole darn thing. My first time doing so, and I'm purdy dang happy with it!

Another one is a dramatic reading of a beer label. The beer in question is Stone Brewing Co's 'Double Bastard Ale'. Stone Brewing Co is known for their humorous labels and I wanted to bring one to life. It can be heard HERE.

I also produced a comic dub of Boxer Hockey's hilarious Sonic the Hedgehog parody arc. It stars myself, and my friends Actorman, Ovarku, ParaBolic, Darkwolf, and Sapphire. It can be seen HERE.

Got a bunch of stuff on the horizon. Keep an ear out for me in upcoming productions by DuDuL, Ricepirate, Xiphon, MichaelJRuocco, AethosGames, Captainmcross, Evil-Dog, and more.

And as always, feel free to toss voice acting requests my way! Check out my DEMO REEL.

And that about does it! I'll shut my yap now.


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2012-12-17 12:23:48

Oh man, those puns were terrible!!! hahahah, nice work, you did a great job voicing each of your characters!

Apatheria responds:

Why thank ya! c:


2013-01-10 08:01:55

your awesome I love your work and i'd like to animate your words right out of your face and right on to newgrounds :D


2013-01-10 08:02:31

XD i saw an ad cover your profile picture :3