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I usually take a page from National Lampoon's "Animal House" in such a situation.

*Falsetto voice* "Come back later, I'm doing the dishes!"

They never think twice.


I've rarely had my attention so thoroughly commanded by the visual presence of a cartoon. That took my brain places; bizarre, dark places that I thoroughly enjoyed. The surreal audio only aided the experience, making this a complete morbid, psychedelic package. Nothin' else out there quite like it that I know of.

Can't wait for the next one!

Fun cartoon. Very smooth animation, fun character designs, funny idea!

As many have suggested, however, the mic quality and voice acting did not do your animation skills justice. It's easy to find voice actors on Newgrounds if you're willing to look; post a newspost advertising open voice work, or post a notice in the audio forum, and plenty of polished voice actors on the site will be happy to supply you with some voice work! Hope that helps!

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Despite a concept that's a tad silly on the surface (anthropomorphic oranges playing roulette), you imbibed it with enough atmosphere and believable emotion to make it surprisingly tense. The facial expressions of each orange really sold the idea; the widened eyes whenever the trigger was pulled, the look of utter disappointment or fear at a failed shot. You even managed to slip in an eerie psychedelic effect with the final opponent; the hallucinations were an especially nice touch on that round. And as always, your writing is clever; the short journal entries added an extra layer to the main character.

You've been making a lot of unique games nowadays, Mazterath. This is an intense game with an original concept, and excellent musical contributions from Amon26.

Another great entry in the Reincarnation series!

Especially liked the writing in this one; granted, the writing is always great, but it really shined here!

Excellent abstract game.

This is by far the most abstract gaming experience I've ever had. From the esoteric plot to the bizarre atmospherics, it didn't feel like any other game I've played: NG or otherwise. Ambient background sound was fantastic, especially the sudden shifts from one eerie background track to another. The floating text was an especially nice touch, especially with the morbid poetry. "I shall wear your pain like the finest shawl and dance before you in it" gave me the chills something fierce.

The game is somewhat mired by frustrating gameplay. I feel it might've been better as an adventure game; or, what if only the bosses had been actual fights? It would give the player more time to be absorbed into the game's atmosphere without the frustrating gameplay. But gameplay is a relatively minor nitpick since clearly that was not was this game aimed for.

A bizarre game for the ages. Excellent work on creating a palpably atmospheric, creepy game.

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Damn Shocky, youse a beast behind the mic. Such range and acting chops!

Shock-Dingo responds:

Hey, thanks Apa, I really appreciate it you Bearded Prince of Metal, you! :)

My first time hearing you, and I'm impressed!

The overall length was ideal for a character demo, and each character clip was short and concise, showing off what it needed to of each different character. You have good energy and pacing, as well! It's clear that you know what you're doing, and have a future in voiceover.

Looking forward to hearing more!

headphoamz responds:

Right on, thanks so much Apatheria! Happy you like the reel. It'd be cool to have a future doing this. Lots of fun, for sure. :)

crsiopter zamblas we need to hang out together and not wear pants

SeiyruRenaih responds:

All the days, Apa.

All the days.

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Even when he poses fabulously, Jeff is still angry.

Sabtastic responds:

I'd be angry if I were a 2 foot tall little frog alien dude, too.

Such a purdy lady c:

Great job as always, Sabs!

Ricepirate be like "I can seeeeeee youuuu~"

A voice actor dude! Check out my 2015 demo, and send me a line if you think I can be of use to you! Icon drawn by Jaxxy.

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