Haunt The House: Terrortown, More Appearances, SDCC2013!

2013-01-16 21:29:59 by Apatheria

I recently appeared in another indie game! This one is titled "Haunt The House: Terrortown", and it was helmed by the always delightful Super Flash Bros! The game is available exclusively for the PS Vita, and other Sony compatible handheld devices! You can obtain it from Playstation Mobile for the modest price of $3.50!

As many of you may recall, the first Haunt The House is right HERE on Newgrounds! I got addicted and played it to death upon its initial release, so being involved in the sequel was truly an honor! I want to again thank Hnilmik, D-Mac, and Darkwolf for giving me this wonderful opportunity! You can hear me as two of the unlockable, playable ghosts, as well as several NPCs. Alongside me, you can hear Hnilmik, Tomamoto, Motley Fool, Kirbopher, and Sarah Williams.

In other news, I recently applied to obtain a professional badge to San Diego Comic-Con 2013. I only have a small number of actual credits to my name, mostly in indie games like Dust and Wing Commander Saga, but it was apparently enough for San Diego Comic-Con to approve my application and grant me a professional badge! So, naturally, I'm going to be attending this year, as well as probably every year after so long as my wallet allows for it! I hope to see lots of you guys there this year!

As far as other work I'm doing? Here are just a few things.

- I will be appearing in more of Captainmcross' Pencilmation cartoons for the foreseeable future! Major congratulations to him for netting 3rd place in the Winter Flash-Off for Peril of the Bells!
- I appeared in an audio drama adaptation of the final act of Midsummer Night's Dream, which was put together by my good buddy Dragonknighttara. I play the wonderfully hammy Pyramus, and had such a wonderful time doing it! Those of you who are Shakespeare fans can listen to it HERE.
- I am assisting TerminalMontage in casting for a new original web series he's planning to do, and will likely continue to be regularly featured as a voice actor in his work.
- I still have upcoming appearances in cartoons by my good buddies DuDuL, Ricepirate, and Xiphon!
- I have an upcoming appearance in a very creative puzzle/platformer flash game, made by AethosGames!
- There will be other indie games I provided voicework for hitting the market in 2013!

And I think that about does it! I'll shut my yap now.


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2013-01-16 22:59:31

Gosh darnit, you are just way too cool!

Apatheria responds:

Eh, I'm a'ight. c:


2013-01-17 00:08:28

you re just awesome

Apatheria responds:

Aw, shucks. c:


2013-03-16 13:10:46

Fellow Portlander, I'm loving your work!

Apatheria responds:

Thanks dude~ c:


2013-04-03 16:12:17

Seeya at Comic-Con! Come by the Behemoth booth and say hi!

Apatheria responds:

Oh absolutely, I'll definitely make an effort to meet ya this year Tom. <3


2013-04-06 17:51:06

You have long hair, I like it!

Apatheria responds:

Sure do~ I am a veritable sea of hair.