Freak o' Lantern, Zombocalypse 2, Stick it to the Man news, etc!

2013-10-16 21:34:38 by Apatheria

Heya, folks! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, especially October! I've got a handful of Halloween related updates, plus other news!

Go check out the newest Evil Dog & SickDeathFiend collaboration, entitled Freak O' Lantern! A morbid, but fun and addictive Halloween game where you play a mutant-freak-child who steals candy from hapless trick or treators - beware bullies and other enemies! The game features the voiceover work of myself, and a handful of pals of mine.

Some of you may remember Zombocalypse which was released here on Newgrounds a couple years ago. Just in time for the month of kooks and spooks, Zombocalypse 2 has been released over at Adult Swim Games! The game features weapon upgrades, boosts, unlockable costumes, achievements, and is a lot of fun! I provided all the voiceover heard during the game.

Some news on Stick it to the Man!: the game should see its release within the next couple months! It's been getting a lot of pre-release buzz on gaming magazines and websites. The demos have been well received, and the excitement continues to build in indie gaming circles! It's a quirky, bizarre puzzle/platformer ala Curse of Monkey Island, featuring a bizarre art style and a unique gaming mechanic. Myself and several close friends provided a multitude of whacky character voices to bring the game's characters and NPC's to life. You can take a peek at the game's official website HERE!

Expect a few other Halloween treats before the 31st! I plan to have a few audio tracks released; some voiceover, some music.


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2013-10-17 22:52:44

Zombapocalypse was awesome, will check out the sequel!

Apatheria responds:

Awesome! I hope you enjoy it~


2013-10-18 05:00:08

Woohoo! Stick It cast! n_n My goal's to get a copy with all of our signatures on it. Hehe.


2013-10-18 12:53:11

That was really cool, you improved over the years!