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Apatheria's News

Posted by Apatheria - July 7th, 2015

Hiya Newgrounds!

Here to share my newest demo reel. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/633225

If you think I can be of use to you as a voice actor, whether it be for a cartoon, a flash game, or whatever else, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll consider your offer!

Otherwise, hope y'all are doin' super.


Posted by Apatheria - September 23rd, 2014

Heya, folks. I'm opening up my services as a voice actor to the NG community once more. I've got 5+ years of voiceover experience under my belt, a wide vocal range and a whole lotta character types I'm adept at playing.


If you'd like a sample of what I'm capable of, check out my demo: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/586705


 If you think I can be of service to ya, shoot me a comment or a PM and we'll discuss potential details.

Posted by Apatheria - September 3rd, 2014

So I recently updated my character demo reel for 2014. It has some old clips as well as some new ones. Check it out, if you'd like! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/586705

Today, I submitted my demo reels as well as some sample script reads to a voiceover agency here in town. Got butterflies about it, but crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

I also uploaded a buncha other audio clips recently, check 'em out in my gallery if you'd like!


That's it for now.

Posted by Apatheria - April 28th, 2014

Hiya folks! Wanted to spread the word about an upcoming indie game I'm involved with. It's entitled Supreme League of Patriots, and it's coming this July for Mac, PC, Linux, and iPad. We're also trying to get the game approved for Steam via Steam Greenlight!



Check out the Steam Greenlight page! You can find a full synopsis and list of features, screenshots, a preview trailer and an extended gameplay trailer, where you can hear my voice in action!

Supreme League of Patriots is an adventure/comedy game in the same vein as the old Lucasarts and Sierra games from the 90's, with plenty of political satire to boot! I voice the protagonist, The Purple Patriot. He's loud, obnoxious, dimwitted, sexist, racist, homophobic, grotesquely right-wing, and, as a recent press release described him, "a bit of a dick." Here's the game's synopsis from the Steam Greenlight campaign:

No Bull Intentions invites you to point, click and puzzle your way through a comic journey into the jingoistic heart of American super culture. 

Superheroes are the shining beacons of humanity. They exist to guide us, to show us the way forward. Kind of like the übermensch. But definitely the fun, non­-Nazi übermensch. Because superheroes are there to protect the young and the weak and the good and to defend the gender normatives values of society. And also kittens. Think of the kittens. Stuck in nasty trees. 
All of which neatly demonstrates that they’re definitely not fascists. 

Enter Kyle Keever, a mild­-mannered aspiring actor who auditions for hit new reality show ‘America’s Got Superpowers’ and gets a little too into his alter-­ego: a strong, brave, handsome, Arian man the people call the Purple Patriot. Although defending Freedom, Equality and other capital nouns is his daily grind, the Purple Patriot’s favourite cause is stamping out the evils polluting his beloved New York. But when you’re a champion of justice with a supreme moral compass, those evils often resemble your personal pet peeves. Like hippies. And immigrants. And anyone a few Hooters short of heterosexual. 

Still. Who’s going to argue with a superhero? 

Sound like fun?

If you'd care to vote, myself, the rest of the cast and crew, as well as the producer (who's really a super nice guy), would all really appreciate it! <3

Here's a few other things I've done lately.

Voice of the Flail, Archers, and Warlock in The Blind Swordsman

Voice of Joel in Last of Shivs (Last of Us parody)

Voice of Fatso in Bedfellows Ep #27 "The Fans"

Voice of Ninja Turtle in It's Just a Mask!




Welp, that about does it! I'll shut my pie hole now.

Posted by Apatheria - November 20th, 2013

Stick it to the Man! has been released for Playstation 3! You can purchase the game - HERE - from Playstation Network!

Stick it to the Man is a whacky, outlandish puzzle/platformer/adventure game with a quirky art style and bizarre, but comedic characters, with hilarious dialogue penned by Ryan North (Adventure Time comics, Dinosaur Comics, etc.) It has been compared to classic games like Psychonauts and Lucasarts adventure titles of the 90's. Lately it's been getting a lot of positive buzz in the gaming scene, including a 9 out of 10 from Official Playstation Magazine, and an 8.6 out of 10 from IGN! Currently, on Metacritic, the game has a rock solid 80 out of 100 from nine different reviews.

A brief synopsis of the plot: "Hard hat tester; Ray, has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain! With his awesome new powers he can read minds and change the world with stickers but he's on the run for a crime he didn't commit. Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation?"

To top it all off, the game's voiceover cast features many Newgrounds members! Aramek, Antfish, Odell Atkinson, Hnilmik, General Ivan, Sapphire, Sonicmega, and myself, all provided tons of in-game dialogue for the quirky characters!

- You can watch the announcement trailer - HERE - and the launch trailer - HERE -
- You can visit the game's official website - HERE -

Major props to Ripstone and Zoink for getting this indie gem released! Check the game out, if you'd like!

Some other news...

- I'm involved in another indie game, called So Many Me! It's a cute puzzle/platformer with unique gameplay and a charming art style. There's currently a crowd funding operation going on over at Kickstarter. Check out the promotional video (that's me you can hear as the screwy, flamboyant villain), and if you'd care to donate, myself and everybody involved in the game would appreciate it! If you'd like to donate, click - HERE - and check out the various perks!

- I recently decided to slap together an imitation reel. It's got imitations of some of my favorite cartoon characters, like Red Guy, Wakko Warner, Bev Bighead, etc. Check it out - HERE -

I think that's it for now! I'll shut my yap.

Stick It To The Man release, So Many Me, other stuff~

Posted by Apatheria - October 16th, 2013

Heya, folks! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, especially October! I've got a handful of Halloween related updates, plus other news!

Go check out the newest Evil Dog & SickDeathFiend collaboration, entitled Freak O' Lantern! A morbid, but fun and addictive Halloween game where you play a mutant-freak-child who steals candy from hapless trick or treators - beware bullies and other enemies! The game features the voiceover work of myself, and a handful of pals of mine.

Some of you may remember Zombocalypse which was released here on Newgrounds a couple years ago. Just in time for the month of kooks and spooks, Zombocalypse 2 has been released over at Adult Swim Games! The game features weapon upgrades, boosts, unlockable costumes, achievements, and is a lot of fun! I provided all the voiceover heard during the game.

Some news on Stick it to the Man!: the game should see its release within the next couple months! It's been getting a lot of pre-release buzz on gaming magazines and websites. The demos have been well received, and the excitement continues to build in indie gaming circles! It's a quirky, bizarre puzzle/platformer ala Curse of Monkey Island, featuring a bizarre art style and a unique gaming mechanic. Myself and several close friends provided a multitude of whacky character voices to bring the game's characters and NPC's to life. You can take a peek at the game's official website HERE!

Expect a few other Halloween treats before the 31st! I plan to have a few audio tracks released; some voiceover, some music.

Posted by Apatheria - June 5th, 2013

Heya, folks.

Firstly, the teaser trailer for a new indie game that I'm involved with called Stick It To The Man has been released! You can view it - HERE - in all its glory! It's a 2D platformer with a unique concept and quirky, psychedelic art. I voice a whole lot of supporting roles throughout the game! A number of my good friends are featured in the game as well. It will be released on Vita and PS3 later this year.

Also, the beta form of another indie game I'm involved in is now available on Steam Early Access! It's a strategy/city building sim entitled Folk Tale, and it can found - HERE - at the Steam Store! I play two of the playable units, the Militia and the Stonemason. Many of my friends are involved in this one, as well!

Also, with SDCC 2013 on the horizon, I wanted to announce that I'm all set with my travel plans and will be attending for sure! I'll be hangin' out with my buddies Jaxxy, Tomamoto, and Coughingdog, and I hope to meet you folks who are attending as well!

Also, as a final note, 'I Know That Voice', a documentary about voice acting produced by John DiMaggio and featuring a star-studded cast of notable voice actors, is hosting a cartoon voice imitation contest! Thinkin' about giving it a go as one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters, Red Guy. What do you guys think?

And as a final self-whoring note; if you need a voice actor for a flash, check out my 2012 demo - HERE - and drop me a line if you think I can be of service!

Think that about does it. I'll shut my yap now.

Posted by Apatheria - January 16th, 2013

I recently appeared in another indie game! This one is titled "Haunt The House: Terrortown", and it was helmed by the always delightful Super Flash Bros! The game is available exclusively for the PS Vita, and other Sony compatible handheld devices! You can obtain it from Playstation Mobile for the modest price of $3.50!

As many of you may recall, the first Haunt The House is right HERE on Newgrounds! I got addicted and played it to death upon its initial release, so being involved in the sequel was truly an honor! I want to again thank Hnilmik, D-Mac, and Darkwolf for giving me this wonderful opportunity! You can hear me as two of the unlockable, playable ghosts, as well as several NPCs. Alongside me, you can hear Hnilmik, Tomamoto, Motley Fool, Kirbopher, and Sarah Williams.

In other news, I recently applied to obtain a professional badge to San Diego Comic-Con 2013. I only have a small number of actual credits to my name, mostly in indie games like Dust and Wing Commander Saga, but it was apparently enough for San Diego Comic-Con to approve my application and grant me a professional badge! So, naturally, I'm going to be attending this year, as well as probably every year after so long as my wallet allows for it! I hope to see lots of you guys there this year!

As far as other work I'm doing? Here are just a few things.

- I will be appearing in more of Captainmcross' Pencilmation cartoons for the foreseeable future! Major congratulations to him for netting 3rd place in the Winter Flash-Off for Peril of the Bells!
- I appeared in an audio drama adaptation of the final act of Midsummer Night's Dream, which was put together by my good buddy Dragonknighttara. I play the wonderfully hammy Pyramus, and had such a wonderful time doing it! Those of you who are Shakespeare fans can listen to it HERE.
- I am assisting TerminalMontage in casting for a new original web series he's planning to do, and will likely continue to be regularly featured as a voice actor in his work.
- I still have upcoming appearances in cartoons by my good buddies DuDuL, Ricepirate, and Xiphon!
- I have an upcoming appearance in a very creative puzzle/platformer flash game, made by AethosGames!
- There will be other indie games I provided voicework for hitting the market in 2013!

And I think that about does it! I'll shut my yap now.

Posted by Apatheria - December 13th, 2012

I played five characters (DK, Diddy, Zero, Falcon, and Bison) in TerminalMontage's recent release, NoPUNintendo 2, which can be found HERE. Featured as Dr. Wily and CutMan is my good buddy Chris Zambelis.

Then I recently uploaded two audio shorts.

The first is called Christopher the Spider and can be found HERE. I wrote, voiced, and produced the whole darn thing. My first time doing so, and I'm purdy dang happy with it!

Another one is a dramatic reading of a beer label. The beer in question is Stone Brewing Co's 'Double Bastard Ale'. Stone Brewing Co is known for their humorous labels and I wanted to bring one to life. It can be heard HERE.

I also produced a comic dub of Boxer Hockey's hilarious Sonic the Hedgehog parody arc. It stars myself, and my friends Actorman, Ovarku, ParaBolic, Darkwolf, and Sapphire. It can be seen HERE.

Got a bunch of stuff on the horizon. Keep an ear out for me in upcoming productions by DuDuL, Ricepirate, Xiphon, MichaelJRuocco, AethosGames, Captainmcross, Evil-Dog, and more.

And as always, feel free to toss voice acting requests my way! Check out my DEMO REEL.

And that about does it! I'll shut my yap now.

Posted by Apatheria - March 31st, 2012

I have recently completed a brand spankin' new character demo reel!


Check it out and lemme know what you think!

I'm also very happy to say that I will be attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con! I have my four day pass and hotel reservations all taken care of, but I haven't quite been able to finalize my travel plans yet. Thankfully I've still got a few months to work everything out. Hopefully, if all goes well and I don't have to cancel my plans, I'll be seeing some of you guys there.

I have several upcoming voice acting appearances, as well. I'll mention a few here...

I'll be starring as a major antagonist in the Echo Force Zero series, created by Red Harvest. The character goes by the name Rush Ranger, and is an insane and degenerate, yet classy sort of bloke. Featured in the series are many of my good pals (D-Mac, Omahdon, Baugusbryson, Seymour, Shock-Dingo, Tomamoto, and Hnilmik, you guys are the best <3), so I'm very excited to join them in the second installment and beyond!

Boybogart has a flash in the works where I star alongside the delightfully smooth and sensual Ricepirate, in which we play a pair of IQ deficient drunks. Tyler has cast me as an elderly gentleman in an upcoming pilot of his! Xiphon also has an upcoming flash where I get to play a very hammy, American protagonist, opposite my good friend Motley Fool, who plays a very hammy, French antagonist.

Think that about does it. I'll shut my yap now.